Up and Running!

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Thanks for sliding in here to check out my new site. I appreciate it very much! Here it is late at night and I'm uploading new items onto this new website and thought I'd take a break from that and post the first blog for the site. 

I will never again take it for granted when I read a blog post or see new listings on other websites as I am learning just how much work it takes to do all of this website and blog stuff. While I have had sites on etsy and ebay etc. I wanted more control and customization and in all my searches I ended up going with the Big commerce site and their templates as I do not know how to write script and needed a template format that I could understand and manage. I have to say, Big Commerce is thorough and well managed with top notch tech and customer service. 

This template I am using will do for now, but I intend to upgrade to one of the premium templates which will make for an even cleaner looking site and even better site navigation. For now, I believe this will do and I hope you will take time to sign up for our newsletter and follow the site and my blog. I will be blogging on a variety of subjects in and of the Vintage clothing, vintage guitars, collectibles, art and furnishings (especially mid-century and custom) and pretty much anything that has to do with classic and hot rod car culture, vintage motorcycles and of course the music scene....I will even have some guest linked bloggage (is that a word?)from some of my friends in the biz and of some other sites I follow. thanks for stopping by and I will leave you with this thought...."The impossible doesn't seem so, once it is done." Nelson Mandela