SOLD! 1950's Navajo Tufa Sand Cast ring. Getting to be a Lost art! for man or woman Sterling Silver and Turquosie size 7, 7.5

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You are looking at One beautiful Ring! This is a Tufa Stone Sand Cast Sterling Silver and Turquoise ring from the 1940's. This was hand made by Navajo craftsmen or woman back years ago. the ring tests for sterling but is not hallmarked or stamped for sterling which was not uncommon prior to 1970. The Tufa Sand cast rings have a handmade roughness as they are not perfect like some of the computer die cut sand castings you see today. this is the real deal with the Green turquoise that is common our of Nevada. This one is rugged in design and large enough for most men to wear at least on their small (pinky) finger and yet big enough for most women for any or all of their fingers. This ring does have a split in the band that can be easily fixed and I can either have it done for you for a small fee or you can have it done, or you can just leave it as it will allow one to spread the band a bit to fit up to a 7 1/2 without damaging the ring. I have worn the ring with the split and it wears just fine, I don't even notice. Ring size: 7 total rig bezel area /crown is 1 1/16" inch long x 3/4" inch wide with the band tapering down to 1/8" inch diameter. the green turquoise stone is 1/2" inch long x 3/8" inch wide. this one will go fast! better get on it while you can. Thanks! for looking