SOLD! 1960'S Steerhide Cafe Racer

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This is the hottest Leather Cafe Racer I have had in a while....This is the stripped down most bad ass version of a Cafe Racer you will find online. There are no tags,no liner but by the cut, the long sleeves and length and the zipper strip starting up high on the front in the vintage flat track style and the brown zipper strips with Talon zippers this is either a Buco, an Old brooks or likely even a Kehoe, all of which were very similar in their construction and all are very rare themselves. If I were to guess I'd say this is horsehide by the patina but without tags telling me so I can't say for sure. It is certainly Steerhide at the least by the age. This jacket was originally black but has worn now to that warm brownish black patina that you just can't fake. As you can see there is no liner, but all the original talon zippers are present and functioning and besides , you don't need no stinking liner, besides this will make this jacket wearable even in slightly warmer weather. If you want one have I a new one sewn in. I have enjoyed wearing this one for a bit and I am wiling to let it go at this price. If this one had it's original liner we'd be talking $800 but with no liner you can get this for quite a bit less. This is a size 42 with the following measurements. chest 21" outside armpit to armpit which with no liner is a sz 42. sleeves are 24" long shoulder to shoulder seam : 17 1/2' inches length down back from the collar seam to hem is 25" You better get on this one , it will go fast!