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You can look Everywhere on line and you are not likely to find as Beautiful of a Zippo lighter as this one. This is a year 1998 (with code on bottom A XIV see photos) Original Zippo lighter custom made with a Silver Elk and Forest/ mountain scene on it. In 2 years (2018) it will be actual vintage 20 years of age. This one works very well and has that distinctive zippo lighter clink when you open the lid. As most everyone knows , Zippos are the best lighter ever and are one of the only companies that gurantees you they will fix any zippo not working for free! you only have to ship it to them. This is Silver , but is not marked for it's purity. I believe because of its Lustre it is likely German Silver and without marks stating purity I cannot say it is sterling , although it could be. If you collect zippo lighters, you must! have this one. This would make a great gift for anyone , but especially the outdoorsman / hunter or zippo collector. Free shipping Anywhere! on this one