SOLD! A Magnificent! Rare! One of a kind Vintage 1940's Navajo Pawn Large stone turquoise and sterling Silver Bracelet

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You are looking at a 1940's era Navajo what is possibly the finest examples of a large turquoise stone you will ever find in a piece of Vintage Sterling Silver, native American made jewelry. I have been buying and selling Sterling Silver and Turquoise Native American jewelry for years and every time I find an outstanding piece I think cannot be topped, I find something else that blows my mind. This is certainly not the largest stone, but most certainly one of the finest examples of quality turquoise you will ever find. Just look at the beauty of this stone. Many turquoise stones have beautiful blue or Green color but rarely do they have such a swirled and stunning matrix as this one does. A turquoise stone alone like this will cost you more than $400 today, and a piece of jewelry like this in the boutique shops in Santa Fe , LA or NYC will run you as much as $1,800 for this bracelet. I ahve posted many photos of this piece and no matter how I shoot it it will not take a bad photo, simply the best! This piece will hypnotize you if you look at it long enough, no words...Simply Stunning! The piece is not hallmarked as is typical for Native American pieces made prior to 1970 and it has been tested and tests as Sterling silver. The turquoise stone measures 2 3/8" inches long and 1 5/8" inches wide the bracelet is 1 3/8" inches wide at the bezel tapering down to 3/8" inches wide at the end. You better get on this one! I don't think a beauty like this will last.......This one ships Free! anywhere in the world! Thanks for looking.