SOLD! Cool beaten and worn to an awesome patina! size 11 Vintage 80's US Army Combat boots Great for biker boots

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on Sale tonight only were $89 now only $59! Here is a size US size 11 Vintage 80's Army Issue Combat Boots. I was in the army from 1986 to 1996 and I can tell you these are the same boots I wore in Combat in Panama in Operation Just Cause to get Noriega in Dec. of 1989. both boots are size 11 but matched from two separate pairs one dated 7-86 one dated 8-83 and are very much alike with only the speed laces being slightly different. These have the worn and beaten look everyone wants and these are the best boots for Bikers. Rough n Ready for anything! The boots are size 11 US which makes them a size 10 UK they measure as follows the boot shaft is 8 1/2" inches tall from heel base they measure heel to toe 11 3/4" and the heel is 1 1/2" inches tall. Get them before they are gone! Thanks for looking! be sure to see all of our offerings...$20 shipping and handling anywhere in the world!