SOLD! Cooler than Cool, Dusty brown Leather harley Davidson Harness Biker boots sz 10 US

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You are looking at some very cool Dusty, oily Brown Leather Harley Davidson Harness Biker boots. These are very cool with just the right amount of wear and distressing to the leather that everybody wants today. These are not new! These have been worn riding and in the shop as I can see some oily grunge patina to the leather. You don't want a brand new pair, you want these, ready to ride! The boots have normal wear and tear with a little of the rubber chunked out of the right boot sole at the toe( see pics) But I will guarantee they will hold and do not have an effect on the wear of these boots, besides even if the sole eventually gives out you can always have them re-soled. These boots have that worn in Bad Ass! look everybody wants today ....Soles and heels are in worn but good condition and a lot of years left in these, besides you can always have them re-soled once they are completely worn out and then continue to wear for years to come! SIZE 10 USA size tag on the inside of the shaft which is a size 9 UK. These have a 1 3/8" INCH HEEL, An 11 1/2" INCH SHAFT AS MEASURED FROM THE HEEL BASE, 4 " AT WIDEST POINT IN FOOT BOX, HEEL TO TOE MEASURES 11 1/2" inches long.

The Harley Davidson boot sell fast! These retail for over $225 for new ones, get these for less. Better get them before they are gone! Have a look at all the other cool things I have for sale as well. Thanks for looking!