SOLD! Custom Made, Ranch Worn, Powder River Very Rare!!100X Cowboy Hat U.S.A made!

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You are looking at what is a Very nicely worn and VERY Rare! 100X beaver, now On sale! Last! Mark down was $220 now $197. This is a Vintage Powder River Custom Made cowboy Hat USA made in Wyoming and from the Brent Hickey collection. Brent is selling some of his collection of Western and Cowboy Vintage clothing, Art and collectibles and this is one of the pieces from his personal and personally worn collection. This is the Very best of the best a 100X Beaver which would cost you $500-800 now to have custom made like this one. The typical new cowboy hats are 8 and 10x this is 100X! a much higher quality and you rarely see a 100X and it's just why this one has held up so well over the years. You can fully douse this one in a creek or river and put it on and it will keep your head cool even in the summer. Brent tells me this hat is over 20 years old and has been worn riding and working on his family Ranch in Show-low Arizona and on numerous days doing ranchwork and on horseback rides rides and hunts throughout the Western and southwestern U.S.. If you have ever wanted the real deal then this hat is for you. The has has the patina and stains from all the years use and would make a great addition to any western Art and Fashions collection. Just look at the Steve McQueen photo and this is the same color and style with just a different crown crease. if you don't like the crown crease or brim on this one you can always have it re-shaped, but to retain value it is highly suggested you keep the original crown and brim crease a hat comes with especially if it is vintage. Collectors pay big money for nice hats like this one in the the Vintage Stetson , Resistol and other Custom brands like this Powder river and Rand's custom hatters of Billings Montana. Cowboy country, USA Made. Her are the specs on this one: Brand: Powder river made in Wyoming USA US hat size 7 1/4 Eu size 58 UK size 7 - 1/8 Color: silver belly with original stains and patina measurements: Crown: 4- 1/4" inches tall Brim: 3 - 3/4" inches wide when flat. You cannot go wrong with the quality of a hat like this! you better get on it! You get Free shipping to boot! Anywhere in the world!