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Take a look here! Just in time for Christmas! Was $575 now $475 last time to get this one of a kind custom strat at this price before christmas, and with FREE shipping! This is my newest Strat style Relic guitar creation. I build guitars out of various parts from different guitars and their parts and finish them off each in a different artistic style to give them a One of a kind look. I'll call this one Burnt Whiskey swamp as she has the Burnt Whiskey burst color I did up and that grundgy feel to her she's backwoods tough and swampy texas rockin blues cool....This guitar has a very similar appearance to Stevie Ray Vaughans Famous Lenny burst strat with the black pickguard. This guitar has that good brown sound I like and that you heard guys like SRV and Eddie Van halen talk about and those are two guys who loved their strats. Here are the details on this one..This is a no name strat body looks to be made of maple and it is double scalloped 18" long body 2" thick 12 1/2' wide at the tail and at the scallops 11' wide. she has a maple headstock of 7 3/8" with ping round body tuners with the bottom string tuner different from the rest as I had to salvage an extra tuner off an old 70's strat. The neck is off of another vintage guitar and is maple 18 3/4" long with tension truss rod and Rosewood fretboard with 21 frets, nut width 1 5/8" neck width at body 2 1/4", pearloid dot inlay on the neck. I do no know the year the neck was made, just know it is in like new condition with very little wear or tear to it other than the burn marks and artistic distressing I did to it. the guitar has a 4 way pickup switch along with volume and two tone knobs. The actual volume knob is black and says tone as I wanted a black knob there an only had a black tone knob to salvage off another guitar. The two tone knobs are the vintage amber hat knobs that look so nice on this one. There are three texas strat pickups in the typical hhs layout. Overall length of the guitar fro tip of headstock to tail is 39" , she weighs about 8lbs. yes you can get a nice strat cheaper of course , but this is a one of a kind custom and I guarantee you will like the way she sounds. Free shipping anywhere in the world! I will upload a link in the next couple of days of her sound. She is currently strung with new Ernie ball nickel wound strings and I will likely re-string her with some thicker strings, as I prefer them to get an even deeper tone.