SOLD! STEAMPUNK COOL! Vintage WWII Era Bausch & Lomb Aviator, Safety, Motorcycle goggle/ sunglasses

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You are looking at what is right now becoming a hot item! Steampunk Safety goggles and glasses with the mesh, green lens or leather side protection in the Bausch & Lomb, Wilson and AO (American optical) brands. I recently sold a pair of Mint condition AO ( American Optical )Matsuada goggle /glasses with green lenses like these for $275. That pair was in mint condition. This is a pair of Bausch & Lomb brand from the world War II Era, with a bit of oxidation to the frames and some light sanded scratching on the lenses. but still very wearable, which is why I am selling this pair for a lower price. If the lenses arent't to you liking once you get them you can send them off to the lens repair specialists at and for $39 US they will replace the lenses with new, absolutely flawless lenses. if I do that now I will ask over $200 for them, so you get them at a lower price as is with the ORIGINAL lenses ( which is more collectible when all is original......A little history, These are still labeled Bausch & Lomb & glasses for our military were B&L until the U>S>Military decided to have BL make the Aviator, motorcycle & welder safety glasses for our military and because of the war they changed the Co. name for the Military supply to American Optical to stay patriotic. Either these were made just prior to the war as I think due to the wear or just after the war when Bausch & Lomb could retain their name for Glasses made for or sold in the U.S. (These are the safety glasses as sunglasses) Welder glasses were of course the darkest and the Glasses that had the removable leather on the nosepiece and leather side protectors Were typically used by Aviators and the mountain division of the US Army to combat snow blindness then those became popular with mountaineers right after the war used in the Alps, the Andes and the Himalaya mountains and also became known as glacier glasses. The lenses are 48mm sized and the frames were nickel plated orig. with quite a bit of plating gone , thus the oxidation. there is light scratching on the lenses, but other than that the frames are solid and intact and the glasses come in their original box. These type of glasses are getting harder and harder to get and demanding higher prices so if you are into the steampunk, these are for you. These are a more traditional aviator style frame instead of the Vintage round lenses you see on a lot of glasses like these, so if you prefer a more Aviator style frame these are for You! Thanks for looking! be sure to check out all of our items