Sold! Thanks John!Rocker cool! Rare! pre-1970 Vintage Badger Claw Turquoise & Coral ring sz 6

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On Sale Labor Day weekend only! Was $150 now $120! This is a cool find! This is a super cool Bad Ass! Rocker cool, Sterling Silver, Badger claw, turquoise & Coral ring. This is in the style of Vintage claw jewelry the Navajo Artists are known for. Very nice detail and classic style and beauty. although the ring is a small size size 6 it can be worn by both sexes and by men on their pinky finger as shown. This is pre-1970 as it does not have a hallmark or the Sterling silver or .925 marking, but we have tested it and it is sterling silver. This would be a great ring for your Rocker , biker guy or chick and you cold always have it resized or made into a pendant for a necklace if you prefer. Rings like this bring $3-400 in Santa Fe or boutiques in Scottsdale. you can get this one here and now! for $120 with free shipping anywhere in the world to boot! Read the following on the meaning f the Badger to Native Americans,it's very interesting.....Badger Meaning According to Native Americans, the sighting of badger tracks was very auspicious. Seeing badger tracks was a message that all things are possible when we tap into our inner creative powers. The badger stops at nothing to get what it wants, and this is a lesson for us to be persistent in our pursuits. Specifically, those with the badger totem often attract this creature because he/she has difficulty finishing what is started. The badger will help with this aspect in life. You can call upon the stubborn, strong-willed nature of the badger to help you complete any project you start. The badger is also fiercely independent and can be quite aggressive when threatened. This is a lesson for us to stand our ground and make our presence known when the situation calls for it. Although smaller in stature, the badger commands attention from friend and foe alike. We can do the same, but we must be mindful that we do so in a healthy, constructive manner.