SOLD! Thanks Stefan! Rockin! One of a kind! 60's Brass Belt Buckle with your choice of Vintage belts ala Led Zeppelin

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This is a One of a kind Find! Here is an Artist made brass belt buckle from the 1960's and it's teamed up with your choice of one or both Vintage belts shown. This thing looks waaaay cool and harkins back to the days of Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, The doors and the like and what the style was then and is now....Robert plant would definitely have worn a buckle and belt like this. The buckle is heavy duty and is @ 5/8" long by 2 1/4" wide and fits up to a 1 5/8" wide belt and the belts shown are 1 1 /2" wide each. There are two belts shown one is a Carved Leather belt with an Eagle made by the artist at Brushy Creek and from the company's beginnings in 1974 before they got big. The Eagle belt is a total of 48 inches long and marked a size 42 and is long enough for a woman to wear down on he hips with either low cut jeans or a tunic tunic style or bohemian styled top. The other belt a black dyed leather hand carved western saddle style is 42' inches long total and can also be worn low on the hips by women and is from an old Family Owned Saddle shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Harks back to the 60's. History of the hall Hall Saddlery is that it has been in the equestrian & Tack business since 1955 when Carol Hall started a tack shop out of his garage. Over the last 55+ years we have changed to adapt to our market and within the past 4 years, moved to a new location in Sussex, WI. Hall Saddlery is now owned by Terry and Marsha Mather, owners of Laacke & Joys (local outdoor retailer with two locations in Milwaukee and Brookfield). If you need the belts trimmed or extra belt loop holes punched int he leather I can do that at no charge. I suggest you buy them as is and have any adjustments done once you get the belt(s) to make sure you give yourself plenty of room. The Carved Eagle is highly distressed from wear over time but cold be re-painted if you like. Personally I'd leave it all the way it is. The distressed patina is what makes it all so special! Fixed shipping rate is for priority shipping in the U.S. and international first class shipping outside of the U.S. You can chose either belt at the stated price of if you would like both you can have both for an extra $40. which would total $150 both belts, buckle and all.....If you want both belts Message me after you put this item in your cart and I will invoice you the new total,otherwise, let me know which belt you would like. Thanks for looking! and be sure to check out all of our items while browsing the website. many items are on sale at this time and you can save a bit if you buy now.