SOLD! Vintage American Optical glacier Glasses/ Goggles for Biker , Aviator and Mountaineer cool!

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Finally! I found another nice pair and here they are! You are looking at a Very Rare and nice pair of Vintage American Optical Glacier style Goggles / Glasses. We had an exact pair that was sold to the props department for the movie Oblivion and you will see Morgan Freeman wearing these in that movie. This particular pair has 50.8mm diameter lenses and is the type 76 based on the vintage American Optical glacier / Mountaineer goggles glasses of the 1940's and 50's and are marked with the circle S for service mark etching on the lenses. These are nickel framed and marked American Optical goggles and marked AOCO76 on the (inside of the nose bridge see photos) These glasses have the cool vented leather side shields and leather nose bridge cover that can be removed. These glasses are in very good condition. The lenses are very clear as you can see from the photos. The coating on the ear pieces appears white in some of the photos but is actually a yellowish tone due to age.