Sold! Vintage Leather Schott 118 Biker jacket size 38

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Here you go! One of the most well known of all Leather Biker jackets, this is a Schott and what looks to be a Vintage Schott style 118, size 38 so can fit a slender build guy ( I am 6ft. tall and 170 and can fit some size 40's and a size 38 is next one down) or a woman can fit this one especially if she is tall and big in the bustline. All original all in good shape all cool...Just missing it's original Schott tag, but still retaining it's normal care tag and the size tag sewn into the pocket liner along with it's original Lenzip zippers which were used when orders had to ship out and they didn't have the main Schott zippers (this is documented on the Schott bros. NYC website forum) On the vintage Schotts you'd find either a main zipper stamped Schott, or a Talon or Serval zippers (on the sleeves) or in this case all Lenzip zippers all intact and all working along with all of the original snaps and the Diamond quilted interior liner in great shape. This jacket normally retails from $450 and up new, so why buy it new?,get one with some history and looked used so you won't look like a newby when you are out riding. This one is broke in and ready to go! The jacket measures as follows...20" inches armpit to armpit outside which is 19" inside thus a size 38 as on the size tag (see photo) Sleeves are nice and long at 24 1/2" shoulders are 17 1/2" and the jacket is 23" long down the back from collar seam to hem. You can't go wrong at this price! just look at it! And standard rate $18 shipping anywhere in the world! Shipping and handling is priority US mail in the USA and international first class everywhere else!