SOLD! Vintage WW 2 era (1940's) Bausch & Lomb Aviator Glasses 50mm Amber Lenses

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You are looking at A very nice Bausch & Lomb Aviator Sunglasses from the WW2 era. The giveaway to knowing these are legit WW 2 era is that they don't have the Ray- Ban markings that would come post war and they are etched on the bridge piece Bausch and Lomb (see photo). The ww II aviators and even General MacArthur wore these (see the photo These are in pretty good shape considering they are now over 70 years old. I don't have the original leather case that these normally have, I wish I did. You can always search online and buy one of the vintage leather cases, they typically run about $45-60 U.S. which is why i am able to sell thee vintage sunglasses for under $200, if I had the vintage case with them they'd be over $200. Since these are very wearable you can just use any case for aviator style glasses of today. Even a new soft case will suffice to protect them. These appear to be nickel frames and the amber lenses measure 50 mm with bridge measuring 12.6mm. As you can see these have the dark amber lenses in lieu of a lot of the normal green lenses that one sees, so these could be used as either Aviator or shootng glasses. I can tell you from wearing them the amber lenses are very clear and give everything a high definition. The new versions of these today go anywhere from $250 to $800 depending on the lenses and frames/ finish you select. The great thing about thee is that they were made back when things were really made well and all was made here in the U.S. and these have History! The WW2 items go very fast and if you want these you better jump on them fast! Free shipping anywhere To boot! Thanks for looking! and be sure to check out all of the other cool items here on the site. Here is the wiki page link with the history of Bausch & Lomb: