Sold Easy Rider revisited! Vintage late 60's early 70's rough out cowboy boots size 9 US

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Whoa! look at these rustic beauties! I wish these fit me, I'd be wearing them. Now these re the epitome of cool....One look at these and Easy Rider and Dennis Hopper comes to mind...These are a lot liek hte other pair of Rough outs I have listed only a smaller size and the original heel that is a bit shorter and all of it in a beautiful patinaed package! mmm sweet! These are size 9US 11" long heel to toe (remember might seem long for a size 9 but that is because pointed toe bots run longer in length as they have to give you room in the toe box . 11" boot shaft in the traditional stove pipe shaft of the 60's 1 1/2' tall heel 3 5/8" at the widest point in the footbox Better get on these now before it is too late, you'll regret it....... Thanks for checking us out , be sure to have a look at all we have to offer, some cool stuff on here...happy shopping!