Sold! going to Thomas in Vancouver, B.C Vintage AO (American Optical) Matsuda Design These are the glasses worn by Morgan Freeman in the movie Oblivion

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You are looking at what is probably the sweetest and rarest pair of Vintage American optical Sunglasses ever!. These are the popular & Original American Optical sunglasses by the famous Mitsuhiro Matsuda (deceased)1934-2008, designed steampunk Vintage motorcycle and Mountain Glacier style style round frames with the leather protective side screens and removable leather nose bridge cover. These are the exact glasses worn by Morgan Freeman in the movie Oblivion. We know this because the props department for the movie studio bought them from us. These are the Original USA made American Optical Safety Sunglasses with the stunning cobalt green safety lenses that are crystal clear. These are very cool with a decorative frame edge and high calibre' machined nickel frames and hinges which is why these have stayed in such great condition over a long period of time. The glasses appear to have been used very little and come with the original metal case that withstood all the elements and has a cool Rusted patina to it today. These glasses are in the best condition I have ever seen for a vintage pair of glasses. The leather is very pliable and in great condition. Just look at the pics of all the metal work and riveting, impeccable! These are Vintage Sunglasses by the Famous American Optical Company and the series designed by Mitsuhiro Matsuda. The glasses are in Very good condition The lens glass is Very Very clear. The Vintage metal case is in rusted condition on the outside but otherwise very good condition, besides the rust on the case just gives it the classic looks. These were the glasses worn back in the 30's and 40's by motorcyclist and the old mountaineers in the Alps and Himalaya. See the history of the American Optical Company below. The Lenses of the glasses are 2" inches in diameter or a little more than 50mm. the lenses are etched with the normal AO for American Optical but with the added M for the Matsuda design. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT ALL the other items here at Iron Crow:) The famous AO sunglasses can be found on the cool bikers in the 1969 movie, Easy Rider. The hotshot aviators in "Top Gun" wore aviator shaped frames as well and In the 1991 movie Terminator 2 there Were the AO Matsuda titanium Sunglasses worn by Linda Hamilton very similar to these that retail online today for up to $2,000. (see photo) In the fashion industry, trends and eyewear designs come and go. Occasionally a style or two will return for a period. AO Eyewear prides itself on its products, classic lines and styling. These products, developed with function first, remain in vogue year in and year out all the way from the beginnings in the early 1900's to now....