Sold! Stunning! 1920's Navajo large Sterling Silver and turquoise pendant with Silver beads also known as Navajo Pearls

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This is the Rarest piece I have had in a while...this is a Navajo made Sterling silver (tests sterling) large pendant with a 16" long chain of even rarer silver beads. You will look long and hard before you find a necklace and pendant like this one, VERY Very Rare. This one is so beautiful and still has the original wire for the beads ad the original clasp in the old navajo style....both men and women can wear this one and it's the kind of thing you might have seen on Jim Morrison or Robert Plant back in the day...those were heady times for sure....If you are a collector of fine vintage navajo jewelry and art, you need to get this for your collection. A lot of people have squash blossom necklaces but very few have something like this....There are a couple of beads damaged but still intact (see photos) which is why I've priced this the way it is priced. If there was no damage at all this necklace and pendant would go for more than $1,800 and probably still would bring that in the boutiques in LA, NYC or Santa Fe, and you won't find this anywhere! in Europe. You better get on this one, it will go fast! The pendant measures 2 1/2" long and is 1 3/4" inches wide the turquoise stone is 1 3/8" inches long and 1/2' inches wide if you look close you can see the gold, pyrite and silver in the turquoise a beautiful piece! Guys, if you have ever wanted to really surprise your lady , here's your chance. This is even better than a diamond ring in some ways as it is one of a kind...Every woman can have a diamond ring but none have this piece. Free shipping anywhere in the world!